May 14

Welcome to the International Writing Centers Research Project!

The goal of the IWCRP is research writing centers around the world. The first step is to create a directory of global writing centers, which will  help  to better acknowledge, understand, and learn from the experiences of international writing centers, writing tutors, and writing center professionals. IWCRP is an international complement to the Writing Centers Research Project, which focuses on researching writing centers in the United States.

Preliminary results from the first IWCRP survey (2015-16) are now available on the survey page

Just as the National Census on Writing plans to reconduct its survey of writing programs in the United States on a regular basis, so too the IWCRP plans reconduct its survey periodically to capture the growth and change of writing centers outside the United States. A new survey will be conducted in 2022-23.

For more information, email info@iwcrp.org.