May 14

The International Writing Centers Research Project was created by Pam Bromley, who has coordinated the writing center and taught at Pomona College in Claremont, California since 2008.

Pam has a Ph.D. in politics (international relations) from Princeton University. Before arriving at Pomona, she taught courses in writing and politics at Williams College, Scripps College, and Pitzer College, and helped with the undergraduate teaching and learning program at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton.

Pam's research focuses on the uptake and implementation of ideas, whether in the creation of international organizations, in student learning, and in writing centers. She has published research in PS: Political Science and Politics, The WAC Journal (with Dara Regaignon), and Across the Disciplines and The Writing Center Journal (with Kara Northway and Eliana Schonberg), among others.

Because of her background in international relations and writing centers, she became interested in learning more about what happens in writing centers around the world. While on leave in 2013, Pam visited writing centers in Sweden and Germany. Inspired by what she learned from her visits, Pam decided that the first way to understand what was going on in writing centers around the world was to create a database of international writing centers - and the International Writing Centers Research Project (IWCRP) was born.

Pam created a comprehensive list of international writing centers - broadly understood as writing centers not in the United States - through internet searches. In May 2015, emails were sent to 300+ writing center coordinators found through an extensive web search; the survey closed in March 2016.

Preliminary results are available on the survey page.