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The Writing Center Directory at St. Cloud State University

National and regional writing center organizations

Canadian Writing Centres Association / association canadienne des centres de rédaction

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Middle East / North Africa Writing Centers Alliance

National Writing Centres Consortium (Russian Federation)

La Red Latinoamericana de Centros y Programas de Escritura

Writing Centers Association of Japan

Scholarship examining databases/censuses of writing centers outside the United States

Connecting MENA writing centers through data, by Amy Hodges, Inas Y. Mahfouz, Sahar Mari, Maimoonah K. Al Khalil, Paula A. Habre, and Hala Daouk, Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders, 2022

Introduction to transatlantic writing center resources, by Pam Bromley, Katrin Girgensohn, Kara Northway, and Eliana Schonberg, Writing Center Journal 38(3), 2021

State of the art of writing centers and programs in Latin America, by Violeta Molina Natera and Karen Shirley López Gil, Revista Columbiana de Educación, 78, 2020 (in Spanish)

Writing centers and academic professionalization in the Russian Federation, by L. Ashley Squires. Social Science Research Network, 2017.